77001>74103 is available now!


77001>74103 is available now!

Now available for purchase from Amazon or Amazon.co.uk, this new, 40-page book documents the maiden voyage of the Cargo Space as it traveled back and forth between Houston, TX, and Tulsa’s Hardesty Arts Center. Featuring essays by Grennan & Sperandio and Michelle Grabner, the book also presents an in-depth visual timeline of the development of the Cargo Space project.

The Cargo Space is the world’s first permanent mobile artist residency, and is the latest American project by Grennan & Sperandio. The Cargo Space is a refurbished diesel transit bus is turned into a living space that sleeps up to six. The Cargo Space is an ongoing effort to forge new relationships between artists, art centers and communities across great distances.


Grennan & Sperandio

“Mr Grennan and Mr Sperandio tweak our notion of what art is and who it is for.” Roberta Smith, New York Times Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio met at the University of Illinois, Chicago in 1988 and have worked together exclusively as a team since 1990. Grennan works from north Wales, and Sperandio works from Houston, Texas. Two things remain constant in their practice: they always work together and their work invariably involves the authorial or editorial participation of other people – other members of the public. Their work often utilizes media that are culturally compromised: chocolate, comic books and television, appearing at social sites of consumption in the home and store and on the street.
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